Parent Support Group at Sembawang Secondary School (PSG@SMB) was officially formed in 2012. Basically, it is to provide a platform for parents to collaborate in coping with the challenges of their children's development. The collaboration efforts amongst parents and the school are aimed at creating a conducive learning environment for the students at Sembawang Secondary School. Parent volunteers do the following :


Current Exco Members

  Past Exco Members  

Participate in school activities and projects;

  - Network with other like-minded parents in serving the students and the school;  
  - Provide opportunities to gain support from other parents in improving their parenting skills.  
    PSG@SMB is managed by its Executive Committee (Exco) whose members are among parent volunteers appointed by the school. It's Advisors are the School Leaders and the staff-in-charge of the affairs served as PSG Coordinator. The Exco also work closely with the school's Partnership Committee.