"As we live on in the 21st century, we are dragged into the world of uncertainty more and more. Constant learning and lifelong education has been the focus of our education system. The real challenge in teaching is not only to teach students to be competent in hard subjects like Maths and Science. The focus to equip students with the skills to cope with future challenges is equally important. As parents, we know these challenges and we salute the teachers for doing what they do. A teacher is a tutor, a counsellor, a friend, a leader, a disciplinarian, a motivator and more to our children. And we know you are not looking after one child but a class, if not the entire school. For all your efforts and sacrifices, we Thank You.

Wishing all teachers a Happy Teachers' Day"

Mr & Mrs Ismail Sukardi
Parents of Hamizan Rashid Ismail from 3IN1

"The wishes that comes once A year but You make a difference in their Everyday life.

Happy Teachers' Day"

Mdm Ida Kesuma
Parent of Khairuzzaman b Md Yazzid from 4TE3

"To all the wonderful & amazing teacher, Thank you for all your endless support & diligence in inculcating good values & wisdom to our young man. It will definitely be carried in his heart forever. Your inspiring words & encouragement will surely make a difference in his life.

Happy Teacher's Day!"

Mdm Aireen Lobrino
Parent of Ron Michael O.Lobrino from 1EX2

"A teacher affects eternity, she/he can never tell where her/his influence stops." Thank you for making a difference. To all SMB teachers.

Happy Teacher's Day!"

Mdm Jacqueline Tan Aktop
Parent of Isaac from 1EX1



"It is not always EASY. It is not always FUN. But thank you so much for being patience with annoyance, generosity of giving up your time and energy and unselfishness to share your knowledge to the kids.

A big thank you to be there and teach my young man.


Mdm Joanna Fun
Parent of Shaun Lim W P from 4TE4


"Teacher are always very special. They make learning a wonderful experience for us. But it is not often that we thank these wonderful people. Thank you teachers for whatever she or he has done for us!!

Happy Teacher's Day."

Mdm Gina Tan
Parent of Greadon Tan kok wei from 3IN3

"No amount of words is enough to show our appreciation for what you have done. On this beautiful day dedicated to you do sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour from the past, present and future students of SMB.

Happy Teacher's Day."

Mdm Yanti Kasim
Parent of ex-student, Muhd Naufal Zulhilmi (2015)

"To a very important person who finds time in each day for each and every one of their students, who finds new ways to make learning fun, and who cares deeply about the future of each individual student. Happy Teacher’s Day!"

Mr Balla Mohan Rao
Parent of Balla Venkat Murari from 1E1

"To all the teachers of Jet Choo... thank you so much for your patience and support and love for him... appreciate it so much !.

Happy Teacher's Day!"

John Choo & Juande
Parent of Jet Choo from 4-7