"Teachers are ordinary people but they do extraordinary things. They teach, share their knowledge and care for their students. They don’t just do it for 40 students but many thousands over their teaching career. They have touched the hearts and minds of many individuals who made good later in life. Teachers' Day is a day of recognition not only to the classroom teachers but to all who are in the education service, who have made contributions, big or small, to champion the cause of educating our children. My sincere appreciation and gratitude to all the staff of Sembawang Secondary School for their care and guidance to my sons during their studies in the school.


Mr & Mrs Ismail Sukardi
Parent of the following students :
Rahman Shah Bin Ismail > 2006 – 2009 [4E1]
Mohd Ruesdy Bin Ismail > 2012 – 2015 [4TE4]
Hamizan Rashid Bin Ismail > 2014 – 2017 [4TE1]




"   T alented
    E legant
    A wesome
    C harming
    H elpful
    E fficient
    R eceptive

To all teachers, thank you for your valuable teachings and you are always greatly appreciated.


Mdm Joanna Fun
Parent of Shaun Lim W P from 5EM2


"Teacher is a person who always helps everybody to get the knowledge and always stand beside the students when they have problem. A heartfelt thank you to all the teachers who spend their time, energy, and love to care to educate all the children. Happy Teacher Day!"

Mdm Gina Tan
Parent of Greadon Tan kok wei from 4TE3

"Happy Teachers' Day. Your valuable and tireless efforts shape and develop nations; from under-developed to developing and finally developed nation."

Mr Mark Low
Parent of Ananda Low > 2015


"Dearest teachers, you are an inspiration to all your students.

Happy Teachers' Day"

Mdm Ida Kesuma
Parent of Khairuzzaman b Md Yazzid > 2014 [4TE3]